Advancing the circular economy for lithium batteries | Nevada

Project envisions a region in which workforce and economic development practices, private-sector innovation, and use-inspired research are coordinated and aligned to support the circular lithium economy.

Water Resiliency and Self Sufficiency: Advanced Technologies and Systems for Water Reuse

Project seeks to advance technological and educational resources related to developing resilient and sustainable water management portfolios with a growing theme centered on water reuse.

Accelerated Reactive Carbonation Process (ARCP) for Energy Efficient Separation of Rare Earth Minerals

Accelerated reactive carbonation process to enable improved mineral liberation, energy-efficient comminution, and enhanced separation of rare earth elements (REEs).

Structure and Resilience of Lithium and Cobalt Supply Chains: A Multilayer Complex Networks Approach

Project to study the structural characteristics of the supply chains of lithium and cobalt and assess its dynamics under shock using two multi-layer complex network models.